Diese Woche Update für A Total War Saga: Troy - News

Neuer Gott, Agent & Fotomodus

SEGA und Creative Assembly werden am 22. Oktober 2020 ein kostenloses Content-Update für das Echtzeit-Strategiespiel "A Total War Saga: Troy" veröffentlichen, das unter anderem aus dem Gott Artemis, dem Agent Orion und einem neuen Fotomodus besteht, der viele Features für schicke Impressionen liefert.


Neu in A Total War Saga: Troy

  • One new god added to the Divine Will system: Artemis, the goddess of the hunt
  • New temple building chain connected to Artemis and available to each faction
  • New Epic Agent Orion, available at the highest tier of worship of Artemis
  • New light archer unit available for recruitment by all factions after a Prayer to Artemis: Warriors of Artemis
  • New region-specific building dedicated to Artemis and the Warriors of Artemis unit
  • Aeneas Divine Omens missions grant favour with Artemis (similar to missions for other gods)
  • TROY’s powerful new Photo Mode brings you more than 20 different options to customise your in-game shots with, whether they’re of epic clashes between huge armies, nerve-wracking Hero duels, or simply a serene landscape.
19. Okt / 07:25