Update für Trials of Mana angekündigt - News

Zwei neue Schwierigkeitsgrade

Square Enix wird am 14. Oktober 2020 das Update 1.1.0 für "Trials of Mana" veröffentlichen, das die beiden neuen Schwierigkeitsgrade "No Future" und "Very Hard" hinzufügt. Zudem kommen noch andere Dinge hinzu. Wer "No Future" abschliesst, bekommt die "Rabite Slippers" als Belohnung (siehe Bild).


New difficulty setting “No Future” added

  • An extremely difficult to clear difficulty in which enemies are stronger, especially bosses.
  • It can only be selected for “New Game+” and returns the player to Level 1.
  • Some abilities cannot be equipped.
  • Up to three items can be used in battle.
  • Boss battles have a time limit.
  • The display of enemy attack range has been shortened for some boss battles.
  • Rainbow item seeds may produce high performance equipment of the same name.
  • Two Chain Abilities added:
    • “Guidance of the Sacred Sword” – Party members not in your control that become unable to fight will have 1 HP remaining.
    • “Guidance of the Sacred Sword II” – When you win a battle, all party members’ HP will recover 100 percent.

Other New Feature Additions

  • New difficulty setting “Very Hard” added. It can only be selected for “New Game+.”
  • You can now skip class change cutscenes and the end credits.
  • Fix: Costumes that have been class changed once can now be carried over after a class reset and in “New Game+.” (This only applies to costumes that have been class changed after this update. Costumes can be changed after the first class change.)
  • When selecting “New Game+,” you can choose to return to Level 1.
  • New Goddess Statues added to the map.

Other Bug Fixes

30. Sep / 08:20