Switch-Update für The Outer Worlds erschienen - News

Grafik & Performance werden verbessert

Virtuos und Obsidian Entertainment haben das Update 1.2 für "The Outer Worlds" auf der Nintendo Switch veröffentlicht. Damit werden vor allem die Grafik und Performance des Sci-Fi-Rollenspiels verbessert (siehe Changelog).


Features included in this update:

  • Implemented a half-resolution SSAO
  • Implemented Clouds in Skybox
  • Replace SSR with SphereReflectionCapture
  • Disabled subsurface profile shading
  • Added Depth of Field to Conversation Camera

Changes and Fixes included in this update:

  • Limited the max instance count for sounds to improve CPU performance
  • Adjusted the volume threshold for sounds to improve CPU performance
  • Packed textures to save memory
  • Optimized materials for the environment and terrain
  • Optimized and added more vegetation to the world
  • Added details to the world buildings
  • Used normal map textures instead of triangles for objects
  • Re-designed some buildings
  • Meshes rebuilt for improved visuals
  • Lightmap texture streaming rebuilt
  • Fixed character AI issues
  • Improved the streaming performance to fix the building dark issues players experienced and some texture blur issues
22. Okt / 09:25