The Lost Expansion für The Legend of Bum-bo verfügbar - News

Neue Inhalte & Verbesserungen

Das Puzzle-Roguelike "The Legend of Bum-bo", das gleichzeitig ein Prequel von "The Binding of Isaac" ist, hat auf dem PC "The Lost Expansion" bekommen. Die Erweiterung bietet Inhalte wie einen neuen spielbaren Charaktere und drei weitere Bosse. Hinzu kommen Verbesserungen (siehe Übersicht).


  • a new playable character, The Lost
  • new tile type for The Lost, "Ghost Tiles"
  • new feature: save/continue your progress mid-game
  • 3 new bosses
  • 10+ new unlockable items
  • new achievements and bonus challenges!
  • updated audio with tons of new and improved sound effects!


  • added ability to view your current spells and trinkets when choosing new ones
  • added ability to view descriptions for your current trinkets
  • added ability to cancel when replacing a spell/trinket or purchasing a shop item
  • game options menu is now accessible from the pause screen
  • improved visual and sound feedback for critical hits
  • improved cursor feedback for the puzzle board and other UI elements
  • added 'Random Bum-bo' option to the character select screen
  • many bug fixes to spells and enemy behaviors
  • dozens of minor improvements to player UI and other visual details
07. Mär / 08:00