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Trailer zum Puzzle-Adventure

Improx Games hat bekannt gegeben, dass das Puzzle-Adventure "The Last Cube" neben dem PC ebenfalls für Xbox One, PlayStation 4 und Nintendo Switch erscheinen wird. Der Release ist für dieses Jahr geplant und es ist ein neuer Trailer zu sehen.

Über The Last Cube

  • Venture through six unique areas of the cube-world and overcome three-dimensional brain-teasers in this upcoming puzzle adventure game. Collect stickers on the cube's sides and use their distinct abilities to progress through levels with atmospheric environments. You, the Last Cube, were awakened for a purpose—save this peculiar world from collapsing by solving puzzle tracks left by your ancestors.
  • Master mind-bending mechanics: Every level has something new to learn and old to master. As you progress, familiar mechanics return with interesting twists, utilize every cube trick in your arsenal to overcome these challenges.
  • Over 100 increasingly difficult puzzles: Breathers and easier puzzles between difficult sections ensure an optimal play experience. Levels consist of many puzzles, and each level is part of a larger environmental theme. You will find even more puzzles in unlockable bonus levels.
  • Exploration is rewarded: Levels are sprawled with secrets and have optional challenges for great replayability. The stories behind the mechanics, places and cubes that you encounter can be found in lore entries hidden in levels. Beware: the secrets range in difficulty from obvious ones to extremely difficult mind-bogglers!
07. Apr / 15:15