Synthetic 2 angekündigt & Trailer - News

Top-Down-Shooter erscheint im Sommer 2021

Flow Fire Games hat heute den taktischen Top-Down-Roguelite-Shooter "Synthetic 2" angekündigt, der im Sommer 2021 zunächst über den Steam-Early-Access für den PC erscheinen wird. Im Teaser-Trailer werden erste Gameplay-Szenen gezeigt.

Features von Synthetic 2

  • The SYNTHETIK Technology Ruleset V2 brings gameplay to new heights, while a brand new framework opens up tons of new possibilities, further refining the uniquely deep weapon handling mechanics praised by VG247 and Forbes
  • Re-engineered in full 3D from the ground up to add an extra dimension to your unforgiving quest to take down the machine gods
  • Near-infinite replay value thanks to a fresh new progression system combined with new randomized environments and unending options on how to arm and upgrade yourself
  • Introducing the SYNTHETIK Universe, expanding on the Machine Gods, Technologies, Doctrines and Generals of the various Machine Factions, including our new community, Lore and SYNTHETIK universe hubs!
  • Up to 4 player online co-op with full dedicated servers and more focus on tactical coordination and teamplay
  • Powerful modding capabilities thanks to new ‘Universe-Edit’ Engine Framework which unlocks our gameplay tech for every player, with content creation tools that work directly within the game
13. Apr / 13:45