Bandai Namco kündigt Survival Quiz CITY an - News

Mischung aus Quiz- & Multiplayer-Actionspiel

Phoenixx und die Bandai Namco Studios haben "Survival Quiz CITY" angekündigt, das im Jahr 2021 für den PC (Steam) erscheinen wird. Dabei handelt es sich um ein sogenanntes Multiplayer-Survival-Quiz-Action-Game.

Die Spielbeschreibung: "Survival Quiz CITY ist ein Multiplayer-Survival-Quiz-Action-Game, bei dem nur deine Klugheit und deine Fähigkeiten dir helfen werden, zu überleben! Die Spieler beantworten Fragen und teilen sich in zwei Gruppen auf: Die Gewinner (richtige Antworten) und die Verlierer (falsche Antworten). Kämpfe als Team, um jede Runde zu gewinnen und zu überleben, um der Gewinner zu werden!"

First, take a multiple choice quiz!

  • After answering the quiz, you'll be divided into two groups: those with correct answers and those with incorrect answers.
  • If you answer incorrectly, make a mad dash through an obstacle course full of pits, pendulum, precarious platforms - all while being attacked by the other team! Reach the goal and you'll be rewarded with sweet, sweet cash to improve your avatar for the next round.
  • For those that answer the quiz correctly, you'll have access to the finest in loser-stopping weaponry! Earn money by pelting players trying to make it to the goal. Knock them off, slow them down - anything to keep them away from the prize!
  • At the end of each round coins will be awarded, which can be used to buy new weapons and abilities!

Power Up in the Shop

  • In between rounds, shop at the store for powerups and cosmetics! Fancy some extra speed? Spend that hard-fought cash on the latest in Survival Sneaker Technology! Want to upgrade your guns so you have a better chance of blasting players off the stage? Get that shiny new grenade launcher! Or perhaps you just want to look fly as you sprint past the other contestants? Trick out your avatar with different gear and accessories!

Be the Last One Standing!

  • Each round, the winners and losers in the quiz switch again and again, and as players are eliminated, try to be the last one standing!

There are two types of game modes: Survival and Bounty Hunters!

  • You can enjoy two types of rules: the "survival rule," where the last player alive wins, and the "bounty hunter rule," where the player with the most coins at the end of the last round wins!
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