Umfangreiches PC-Update für Session - News

Xbox One-Version erscheint im Frühjahr

Das Skateboarding-Spiel "Session", das seit dem September 2019 im PC-Early-Access ist, wird im Frühjahr 2020 als Preview-Version für die Xbox One erscheinen. Dafür sind die Crea-ture Studios eine Partnerschaft mit iLLOGIKA eingegangen, das als Co-Entwickler auftritt. Weiterhin wurde ein umfangreiches Early-Access-Update für den PC veröffentlicht (Version


  • Session’s hefty new update features improved physics, more fluid skater animations, and enhanced responsiveness, making each trick look and feel more lifelike than ever.
  • The ability to remotely connect and play games of S.K.A.T.E against other players online via Steam Remote Play Together.
  • A new trick-and-control system that makes it easier than ever to pick up and play.
  • Slides and grinds are now smoother and players can more easily transition from one grind/slide to another without having to “pop” into the next one.
  • The return of the original creā-ture park with new obstacles and spots representative of the New York City skate scene.
  • Brand-new radio stations featuring over 30 new songs and artists.
  • A new level layout feature that allows players to pick and choose between an exact, real-life replica of the Brooklyn Banks or more customized versions of the iconic skate spot.
  • General game enhancements that make it easier to lock into grinds and avoid bailing, a tweaked revert system that caters to each player’s preference and much more.
20. Feb / 07:20