Lost Treasures-Update für Sea of Thieves steht bereit - News

Tall Tales verbessert

Rare hat das "Lost Treasures"-Update für "Sea of Thieves" veröffentlicht, das über 9 GB gross ist. Damit werden unter anderem die "Tall Tales" verbessert. Aber es stehen noch andere Gameplay-Optimierungen und mehr auf dem Programm.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Ferry of the Damned Armoury – A new Armoury has been added to the Ferry, allowing you to change your equipped weapons before respawning.
  • Alliance Nameplates – When you form an Alliance with another crew, the allied crews’ nameplates will become purple to help identify those in your Alliance.
  • Rowboat Storage Interaction – The keybinds for interacting with the Rowboat Storage Chest have been changed to improve the interaction between sitting and accessing the chest. Interacting with the chest is now done using ‘R’ on keyboard and ‘Y’ on controller.
  • Mermaid Recovery – When swimming in open water, the distance at which your mermaid appears has been reduced, allowing you to return to your ship more quickly.
  • Animation Quality Graphics Setting – A new graphics setting has been added for PC, allowing players to adjust the character animation quality. On higher-spec machines, this will provide a smoother experience when multiple players are on-screen, though higher settings may impact CPU performance.
  • Default Settings for New Players – New players entering Sea of Thieves will now find that both ‘Crew Status Tags’ and ‘Sticky Radial Items’ settings are enabled by default, improving their initial onboarding experience. Existing players will not have their settings changed.


  • Athena’s Fortune Emissary Quest – Athena’s Fortune Emissary Quests no longer contain a Cargo Run map but provide extra dig locations on X Marks the Spot maps, resulting in more Athena's Fortune-specific rewards from the Quest!
  • Athena’s Fortune Emissary Progression – Progressing as an Athena’s Fortune Emissary has been rebalanced, requiring players to perform more actions to increase their Emissary Grade.
  • Ending an Emissary Session – The gold awarded when ending an Emissary session via the voting table has been reduced at lower Grades, encouraging players to reach higher Grades for their payout.
  • Emissary Grade Multipliers – The multiplier bonus for rewards cashed in has been rebalanced. Grade 1 no longer provides a multiplier bonus, encouraging players to reach higher grades for their rewards. The bonus has been shared between Grades 2 and 3 to compensate. Grades 4 and 5 remain unchanged.
  • Order of Souls Emissary Quest – Order of Souls Emissary Quests can now offer a much wider range of islands when tasking crews to hunt down Skeleton Bounties.
  • Merchant Alliance Emissary Quest – Merchant Alliance Emissary Quests are now provided with two maps to increase variety.
  • Emissary Quest Icons – Emissary Quests in the Quest Radial now have a bespoke icon.
  • Ritual Skull Availability – Access to Ritual Skulls has been rebalanced, with Ritual Skull Voyages now limited to one purchase per month. Ritual Skulls also have a chance to be found from Skeleton Orders dropped by emergent Skeleton Captains, and continue to be found inside Ashen Chests from Skeleton Forts and Skeleton Ships.
  • Chests of Rage – Chests of Rage can now be found washed up across the Sea of Thieves. They may be found in Shipwrecks and Skeleton Ships, dropped by a defeated Megalodon or Kraken or discovered from a Message in a Bottle.
  • Skeleton Captain Rewards – Emergent Skeleton Captains that drop Riddle Maps should now reward players with a Collector’s Chest containing a variety of loot.
  • Sloop Kraken Encounters – When encountering a Kraken on a Sloop, tentacles are now weaker and take less damage. Kraken tentacles wrapping your ship also take less damage before they let go.
  • Brigantine and Galleon Kraken Encounters – When encountering a Kraken on a Brig or Galleon, tentacles no longer try to cover the lower deck to prevent access. When a tentacle releases your ship, the damage dealt has been made more consistent.
  • Sloop Megalodon Encounters – Megalodons encountered while on a Sloop are now less likely to attack if not provoked.
  • Arena Ship Supplies – When starting a session or returning after sinking, ship supplies in The Arena have been increased. Crews should now have ample food, cannonballs and wood supplies, ready for battle.
  • Arena Dig Locations – When discovering a buried Glorious Sea Dogs chest in The Arena, the dig location has been reduced, requiring players to dig at the beacon to unearth the chest.
  • Crew Status Tag Range – The distance at which gamertags can be seen when ‘Crew Status Tags’ is enabled has now been reduced.
  • Simplified Chinese Support – Sea of Thieves now supports Simplified Chinese localisation across the entire game.
  • Text Chat Censoring – When players try to send a text message that will be censored, a warning notification will appear.
  • Text Size Accessibility – Text sizes and button prompts across the game have been increased to improve accessibility.
  • In-Game Platform Accessibility Settings – Within the game’s accessibility settings, players now have improved control of Text-To-Speech (TTS), Speech-To-Text (STT) and Let Games Read To Me (LGRTM), previously only configurable within the Xbox platform settings.
  • For Text-To-Speech and Let Games Read To Me, the default is set to ‘Not Overridden’ and will use the Xbox platform setting. However, setting this to ‘Enabled’ or ‘Disabled’ will force the feature on/off and override the Xbox platform setting.
  • For Speech-To-Text, the default is set to ‘Not Overridden’ and will use the Xbox platform setting. However, setting this to ‘Disabled’ will force this feature off and override the Xbox platform setting.

Den kompletten Changelog findet man auf der offiziellen Seite.

28. Mai / 09:20