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Trailer zum 2D-Metroidvania

Der Entwickler Team Ladybug wird das 2D-Metroidvania "Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth", das im April 2018 angekündigt wurde, am 12. März 2020 über den Steam-Early-Access für den PC veröffentlichen. Ein neuer Trailer steht ebenfalls zur Ansicht bereit.

Features von Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

  • Sword and Arrow Attacks – Use your sword for powerful melee attacks against enemies within range, or employ projectile attacks using your bow and arrows against those farther away.
  • Swappable Equipment – Freely equip and utilize swords and arrows obtained along the way. The powerful weapons and tools you acquire can be used to your advantage throughout your journey. You can also sell off weapons you no longer need.
  • Swappable Elemental Spirits – Alternate among a selection of useful elemental spirits to change Deedlit’s various attributes. While using Sylph, the wind spirit, wind-based attacks do less damage. When the flame spirit Salamander is in use, fire-based attacks do less damage.
  • Raise Elemental Spirit Levels – You can raise the levels of your elemental spirits by absorbing the “Soul Screams” generated when attacking and defeating enemies. Each spirit’s level is displayed as Deed’s own power level. When a spirit’s level has maxed out at three, HP will be automatically recovered.
20. Feb / 07:30