Update 1.05 für Predator: Hunting Grounds verfügbar - News

KI wird verbessert

Illfonic hat das Update 1.05 für den asynchronen Online-Multiplayer-Shooter "Predator: Hunting Grounds veröffentlicht, das unter anderem die KI verbessert. Mehr Details zum Update stehen im Changelog.



  • Fixed issue with customization items staying marked as new.
  • Fixed issue where AI wouldn't react to footsteps or gunfire in dedicated server matches.
  • Fixed issue where certain objectives wouldn't spawn as necessary for players to complete them.


  • Fixed issue with collision and stuck spots in some areas.
  • Fixed UI issues with navigating tutorial menus.


  • Fixed issue with fireteam VOIP bubble showing at any distance.
  • Fixed issue with Target Isolation prompt not appearing after cooldown ends.


  • Optimizations for matchmaking queue times.
27. Apr / 08:15