Maneater hat einige Bugs - News

Spielstand gelöscht & Konsole überhitzt

Tripwire Interactive hat bekannt gegeben, dass das Action-Rollenspiel "Maneater" einige mehr oder weniger schwerwiegende Fehler hat, die demnächst behoben werden sollen. Wenn es ganz schlecht läuft, wird der Spielstand bei einem Absturz gelöscht. Ausserdem kann es vorkommen, dass die Konsole überhitzt. Weitere Fehler sind der Liste zu entnehmen.


Bekannte Fehler

  • Xbox One X Overheating - We are aware that some Xbox One X users hare having an overheat shut down/message and are working with Microsoft to address this issue. We are also aware that a set up PS4 players are reporting something similar and also are investigating.
  • Progress Loss/Save Game Issues - We are tracking this issue and have had some success in replicating it. These seem like the primary culprits of this issue impacting players, but we are continuing to investigate other potential causes as well. For now to help avoid this happening to you:
    • Do not play with a controller that can disconnect or lose power
    • Put your console or system into sleep/rest mode during your play session
    • Crashing after or during a story mission/cut scene
    • If possible, create a local or networked backup of a recent save file to return to if this does happen
  • Not being able to 100% (Queen of the Ocean), Landmarks not counting towards completion - We are looking into locations that are not properly unlocking for players across all platforms
  • We believe we have found two causes:
    • Collectibles that are near region boundaries where players can unlock an item while not being in the zone the item is in - We are testing a fix for this issue now that should grant those items to the players once they swim into the zone
    • Collectibles that are gathered but the player dies shortly afterwards and do not properly get noted as unlocked - We are verifying this now
  • PS4 Frame Loss - We are investigating reports that users are getting massive frame loss in some situations on PS4.
27. Mai / 16:50