Update 1.4 für Half-Life: Alyx verfügbar - News

Flüssigkeiten in Flaschen

Valve hat das Update 1.4 für "Half-Life: Alyx" veröffentlicht, das verschiedene Verbesserungen vornimmt, auch an der noch recht neuen Workshop-Unterstützung. Zudem befinden sich jetzt in Flaschen verschiedene Flüssigkeiten, die sich entsprechend bewegen, wenn man die Flasche schüttelt.


Game Features

  • Added subtitles for: Brazilian, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
  • Bottles now appear to have liquid inside them that sloshes around as you shake them.
  • UI appears quicker when returning to Main Menu
  • Improvements to addon management UI

Game Fixes

  • Added checks for users loading a savegame with missing addons (eg. unsubscribed or deleted)
  • Added error message if a game fails to load due to a missing map requested by an addon
  • Various crash fixes
  • Fixed bug where exiting the game by closing SteamVR could generate bad save files

Workshop Features

  • Enabled the Postprocessing Editor (Documentation)
  • Added "Custom Character" example addon (Documentation)
  • Added example maps for:
    • Blind Zombie (a.k.a. Jeff)
    • Hacking and Toner Puzzles
    • Parked Vehicles and other Interactive Prefabs
    • Visibility System (Documentation)
    • Postprocessing Volumes (Documentation)
  • Added core functionality required for Lua scripting and added some Alyx-specific script bindings for querying VR controller input and creating nav mesh paths from entity scripts
  • Enabled live bone constraints in SFM, which can be baked/enabled as procedural bones, like cloth

Workshop Fixes

  • Fixed case where some explicitly specified meshes became hulls. (eg. func_shatterglass will now build in a map without having to enable legacy collision mesh.)
  • Added some meshes that were missing from parked vehicle prefabs.
  • Made SFM UI less Dota-specific in a few places
  • Fixed missing map models (mostly combine stations) in SFM
  • Fixed Import Sequence in SFM to work correctly on sequences with animated root orientation
28. Mai / 08:00