Update 2.20 für God Eater 3 zum Download - News

New Game Plus enthalten

Bandai Namco Entertainment hat das Update 2.20 für "God Eater 3" veröffentlicht. Das Update fügt die Lulu- und Ricardo-Kapitel der zusätzlichen Episode "Encounters with the Past" hinzu. Weiterhin sind ein "New Game Plus"-Modus und ein "Jukebox"-Feature enthalten, mit dem man die Hintergrundmusik in der Basis verändern kann. Im Changelog stehen die Details.

New Features

  • A “New Game Plus” feature has been added, enabling you to carry over your save data and begin anew game.
  • A jukebox has been added, which allows you to change the music within your caravan. (Note: Unlocks after completing the main game.)

Standard Missions

  • Added new missions to the “Extra” section.

Extra Episode

  • Added new episodes to “Traversing the Past” (Lulu and Ricardo).

Certification Missions

  • Added new Certification Missions.

Time Attack Missions

  • Added new Time Attack Missions.

Special Missions

  • Added new missions to the “Challenge to the Hounds” section.

Abandoned God Arcs

  • Added Abandoned God Arcs with new skills. These can be obtained from certain high difficulty missions.

Avatar Additions

  • Added new items for the Accessory A slot:
    • Ear Muffs
    • Knit Hat
    • Small Hat
    • Festive Hat
    • Certain items must be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions.
  • Added new items fro the Accessory B slot.
  • Added new outfits: Male & Female

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various issues to provide a better gaming experience.
09. Dez 2019 / 10:30