Update 1.4 für Gear.Club Unlimited 2 veröffentlicht - News

Drei DLCs angekündigt

Der Publisher Microids und der Entwickler Eden Games haben das Update 1.4 für "Gear.Club Unlimited 2" auf der Switch veröffentlicht, das unter anderem eine neue Kameraperspektive, neue Radiosender, Hupen und mehr enthält. Zudem werden am 20. Juni 2019 drei DLCs erscheinen (einer davon kostenlos).


Update 1.4

  • New camera view: On top of the three current camera angles available in the game, discover the new breathtaking “bumper” view, specially added in this update for a more immersive driving experience!
  • New radio stations: Many players requested more variety in the soundtrack and we heard them! It will now be possible to listen to the radio and even to change it while racing. Two radios are also added to the game; Rock and Electro, alongside a third one called Shuffle, which is a mix of both!
  • New horn feature: 16 horns are now available. You will have the choice between the Cucaracha, the Train, the Cavalry and many more!
  • Game changes:
    • Race-eligible cars are now displayed in the selection screen before starting a race. Car models available to purchase and improve are also highlighted in this menu.
    • The AI trajectory has been revamped, offering a better adaptation to player’s behavior.
    • It is now possible to change your driving style in the “Career” mode (Arcade or Simulation). Swapping between those two will also be possible during the race.

Free Pack

  • Dodge Challenger Shark Fin
  • Ford Mustang GT 2015 GT 300

Arrows Pack (paid DLC)

  • Ford Mustang Police
  • Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Ahoy
  • Jaguar F-Type R Elite GTS
  • Stickers Board “Arrows”

Pack Checker (paid DLC)

  • BMW M4 Coupe Wave
  • Dodge Challenger Menthol Green
  • Lotus Exige S English Racing
  • Stickers Board “Checker”


06. Jun / 17:30