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Weiteres Double-XP-Event & neue Battle-Royale-Variante

In dieser Woche kehrt der "Drop Zone"-Mode in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" zurück. Ausserdem findet vom 17. bis zum 20. April 2020 ein weiteres Double-XP-Event statt. In "Warzone" wird in dieser Woche "Scopes and Scatter Guns Trios" gespielt. In der Battle-Royale-Variante stehen nur Scharfschützengewehre und Shotguns zur Verfügung. Die Wochen-Übersicht liefert mehr Details.


Diese Woche in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

  • A new mode is available for Warzone that limits the weapons to snipers and shotguns and changes up the strategies required to win – Scopes and Scatter Guns Trios. Grab your merry band of three in this twist on Battle Royale that brings you into new ranges of play. Will you get up close and pack a devasting punch with a shotgun? Or decide to deal death at distance with a sniper? Make your choice or do a mix of both, just try to outlast the enemy and the collapse in this Battle Royale variant to claim victory.
  • Get two “fire” weapons in the ‘Twin Dragons’ bundle. A pair of golden Legendary weapons put this bundle in a class of its own and give you the double the firepower to eliminate your foes. Paired with two Epic themed customization items, grab the ‘Twin Dragons’ bundle to unleash its power on your enemies.
  • Earn Killstreaks by securing the objective in Drop Zone. Drop Zone is a team objective mode where players battle to hold objectives to win. Players earn points by being inside the drop zone. The first team to reach the required point total or hold the most points when the time expires is the winner. Killstreaks can only be earned via care packages that continually deploy while the drop zone is held.
  • Look the part of a one-man army with the ‘Cleanup Crew’ bundle for Otter. Boasting a slew of items including two Epic blueprints that can wipe a squad of the map. Head to the Store to check out the ‘Cleanup Crew’ bundle and other new items in stock this week.
  • Want more of the latest maps? Jump into the Season Three Moshpit playlist to navigate through Talsik Backlot, Aniyah Incursion, and Hovec Sawmill. Expect a mix of objective and deathmatch games all with the same goal – coming out on top.
  • Looking to move up the Enlisted or Officer Ranks? This weekend level up your weapons and your rank with Double Weapon XP and Double XP. Starting on April 17 at 10AM PDT until April 20 at 10AM PDT, jump in a match of Multiplayer, Special Ops, or Warzone and boost your rank to expand your loadout options. Use this time to finish off challenges, missions, ribbons, and test your skills in Trials to get the most XP and Weapon XP for your efforts.
14. Apr / 08:20