Borderlands 3 wird verbessert - News

Heute weiteres Hotfix-Update

Gearbox Software wird heute noch ein neues Hotfix-Update für "Borderlands 3" veröffentlichen, das einige Verbesserungen enthält (siehe Changelog).


Boderlands 3 - Hotfixes vom 19. März 2020

  • Addressed a potential progression blocker from Typhon during “In the Shadow of Starlight”
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Siren’s Fist Over Matter skill was sometimes not working as intended if it was not in the hosts’ view
  • Adjusted the collision at the stairs in Quietus Pike to prevent players from sometimes sinking into the ground after destroying the second vine door
  • Changed the Operative’s Cool Hand skill description to show the correct values
  • Addressed a reported concern that Tyreen would occasionally re-appear after the cutscene during “The Great Vault
19. Mär / 19:00