Heute nächster Hotfix für Borderlands 3 - News

Mayhem-Mode wird angepasst

Gearbox Software veröffentlicht heute ein neues Hotfix-Update für "Borderlands 3", das unter anderem den Mayhem-Mode anpasst und das "Loot the Universe"-Event in die nächste Runde bringt. Weitere Details sind dem Changelog zu entnehmen.


Hotfixes vom 30. April 2020

  • The Loot the Universe mini-event is moving across the galaxy to Promethea! Jump onto the planet until May 7 at 9:00 AM PT, when it changes to Eden-6.
  • Adjusted the drop rate for Legendary items in Mayhem Mode
  • Adjusted the drop rates for Anointed gear in Mayhem Mode
  • Activated the Loot the Universe event on Promethea
  • Lowered the O.P.Q System’s secondary rate of fire to prevent stability concerns due to the Gunner’s ability to spawn an excessive number of drones
  • Addressed a reported concern that Badass Enemies in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC were sometimes only dropping common and rare items
  • Addressed a reported progression blocker that could sometimes occur when enemies would fail to spawn during “Protect the Nibblenomicon”
  • Addressed a reported concern that The Amourettes would stand up and float when being defeated with the “Dominate” status effect during “The Horror in the Woods”
  • Addressed a reported stuck spot behind the wooden wall during the “The Shadow of Cursehaven”
  • Addressed a reported stuck spot on the pipes during “The Nibblenomicon”
  • Addressed a reported stuck spot on the right of the Amourette camp wall during “The Horror in the Woods”
  • Reduced the time between Moxxtails donations on the ECHOcast from 60 seconds to 30 seconds
30. Apr / 18:45